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About ETO.training

Let us help you reveal your expertise to the world with the least effort!


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Demand for flexible online offerings has continued to increase as prospective students seek to upskill, re-train, and undertake further study.

Our expert team of engineers has altered the traditional mechanisms and replaced it with the most efficient approach with fascinating technology.

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ETO.training Features

Responsive Design

Our studies has shown that more than 87% users tend to use mobile devices than laptops, which encouraged us to prioritize mobile devices

User friendly

We've designed the platform for all age groups. It simple allows almost anyone to use the system with ease.

Solid infrastructure

With the right planning and studies, we've managed to build exactly what is required, which correspondingly the system self explanatory

Support team

We've gathered the right people to provide your users with the best technical support, so you dont have to worry about it at all


Flexibility brings the best user experience. Online education helps to attend classes even in your busy hours from almost anywhere!


With our deeply enhanced technology, More users can be easily accomodated at the lowest expense

Why Us?

We have concentrated on something our competitors forgot to take in account.. Satisfaction of your customers and the quality of what they get.


We believe that data can revolutionize the way you see the world.

Lightning fast

We've designed each one of our systems with even the slowest devices in mind.

Live assistance

Live classes allows your trainees to communicate with you without waiting

Unlimited regions

Online education lifts the regional limitation and allows anyone be with you

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How to get started with ETO.training

Getting started with ETO.training is way more easier than setting us a real training centre. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone/computer

Choose your plan
Get your apps built
Start teaching
It's that simple!

Choose your plan

Since our engineers have tactically designed the platform to meet any educational needs, We've decided to make specific plans to cherry pick it's users get what they need! Choose your plan below to get started

Standard Plan
  • Upto 150Active users
  • Training programme
  • Live Support
  • Mobile App
  • Customization
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Business plan
  • Upto 300Active users
  • Training programme
  • Live Support
  • Mobile App
  • Customization
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Enterprise Plan
  • 300+Active users
  • Training programme
  • Live Support
  • Mobile App
  • Customization
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We got you covered, check those faq if its not there just ask us.

Yes, Our online classroom is specially built to suite the needs for all kinds of training programmes. The whiteboard facility enables the instructor to communicate with their students easier when required

Yes, Recording is an optional feature you can avail. You may contact us for the pricing!

Yes, You will get a fully white labeled mobile app when you purchase ETO.

Our systems are designed to work with even low network speeds. Those with less internet speed can utilize the audio only feature for a better performance. Anyways, It's recommended for the instructor to have an internet speed of at least 4Mbps.

All our connections are secured using 265bit SSL certificates which makes it impossible for an intruder to read. Additionally, We guarantee that your data is never sold to any third parties. (Contact us to know more about data privacy)

As part of white labelling, The ETO app would be integrated to your website. Anyways, If you dont have an active website, we can make one for you.

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